About Cakepack

Business model

The CakePack business model stands out due to its high level of vertical integration. 75% of the products commercialized are made at the company's facilities and some in an artisan manner.

All of the R+D, design, production and sales processes are completed at CakePack.

We believe in technology media to communicate and inform of all of our new developments.

Our customers are the company's top priority. For this reason, the company is constantly making investments to be more competitive

About Cakepack

CakePack was born out of Benet Gutiérrez's enthusiasm to create his own business. With great excitement and support from Anna Sellarés, he began this adventure in 2010.

In line with their constant curiosity and personalities, they decided in 2011 to get involved in trade fairs, specifically the Intersicop fair in Madrid. And that is how they opened up their path to the national market.

In 2012, they collaborated on a charity project related to the earthquake in Haiti.

Committed to their customers and in line with their way of working, they seek close relations as reflected by their presence at the Barcelona Pastry Maker’s Guild fair in 2013.

2015 is a very special year for the company as it will be celebrating its 5th anniversary. The team looks to the year with much enthusiasm and excitement and this is one of the reasons the company is looking forward to being present at the Sirha fair in Lyon and Intersicop in Madrid.